Bubbles and Brushes paints Banksy Girl with Red Balloon

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Come and do your own interpretation of Banksy’s most famous image Girl with Red Balloon at One Forty – famous for brekkys and baked goods and fun Friday nights!

Banksy is a street artist that has made a life’s work of painting social and political comment on walls and pavements around the world. This is one of his most hopeful and famous works of a little girl reaching for a lost balloon. It’s beautiful.

We want you to feel like a guest so we give you $30 to spend on food and/or drinks…whatever you choose. It’s better to come earlier with friends to relax if you can. We will give you some time, but you might like a bit more. Then laugh out loud with a brush in one hand and a glass in the other. Choose it for a memorable:

– fun start to the weekend
– date night with a difference
– friends get together
– fun few hours with visitors
– unwind to recharge or
– new social group or after work event.

Maybe you have always wanted to unleash your inner artist. This is a no fuss, no mess way to do it.

Banksy is the best-known street artist in the world – but we don’t know his real identity. His work often carries a political message or satirically critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy, and greed. He often draws apes, rats, policemen, members of the royal family and children. We will guide you so that you can take home your own Banksy inspired masterpiece. Maybe you’d like to add your own slogan to this piece!

No creative streak? Bubbles & Brushes by Bloss is not a traditional art class. It’s more about mindfulness and having fun than art technique.

We will take you step by step through a painting process.
Everyone paints the same picture.
Confident painters are free to do their own thing.
Either way, you will take home your own masterpiece, create lasting memories and leave with a little more sparkle in your eyes (sceptics are welcome).

This event includes:

– everything you need, set up for you, including an apron
– a 2-3 hour guided painting session
– a $30 voucher that you can spend on refreshments. Our vouchers must be spent from 5 pm to 9 pm – within the time of the event.

We love One Forty and recommend that you meet your friends and enjoy a leisurely meal before we seat you for your Bubbles & Brushes experience.

There will be a break during the session so you can refresh and recharge.