You got social media? So do we!

If you are a regular to the cafe you have probably noticed us taking photos and tinkering around on the 140 iPhone, now you may think that we are awfully rude and are texting our boyfriends but you my friends would be wrong because what we are doing is keeping you guys as up to date as we can with everything Cafe 140 related!! Now let me tell you how to find us!

Got Facebook? Go ‘like’ our page and find out what daily muffins, soups and tasters we have available. This is also a good place to ask us questions that don’t require an immediate response.  We only check Facebook a few times a day so anything you need to know urgently you should call us on (08) 9721 2254.

Maybe Twitter is more your thing? Follow us!  Updates from Twitter get sent straight to our phone and if we aren’t busy we will reply, but again, urgent requests? Call us instead! We update Twitter with the same things as the Facey page!

Facebook and Twitter are also the place to keep an eye on if you are interested in working with us because job openings are generally posted on those two sites before they show up anywhere else!

How about Instagram? Our handle is @cafeoneforty. Our Instagram account often gets a workout during the day and it is the place to go if you like seeing behind the scenes stuff, latte art and general Cafe 140 shenanigans!

That’s all folks! Come find us and share us with all your friends!

Love Caz and the 140 crew